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Adventures in Software, Computers and Networks
After the Heathkits and ham radio license, attending the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) just seemed natural. Despite the subsequent transfer to University of Florida and career change to writing, I remain fascinated with technology, especially computers, networks and telecommunications. I am co-author, along with Stan Gelber, of The Emerging Digital Future, a text book on data networks.

hacker emblem An early adopter of computer products, I exhibit the unusual habit of reading user guides. This led to developing Microsoft Word templates for my own use, learning to program in Visual Basic and launching my software as a commercial product, Script Werx. For over a decade this software has been helping thousands of script writers around the world, not the least of whom are the entire writing staff for Saturday Night Live.
Developing Web-based and interactive communications and training come naturally to me, aided by a number of classes and continuing study. I have created a number of Web sites, launched two Web-based businesses (Original Vision online catalog and Healthlinks healthcare portal)
The Emerging Digital Future. Philadelphia: Boyd & Fraser, 1996; co-authored with Stan Gelber
and welcome any opportunity to work on interactive projects.
Completed Projects
In reverse chronological order.
  • Hitachi Data Systems --Design processes for development of online, CD-based and classroom training, and train staff of writers in its use. Also develop courseware on enterprise-level data storage systems. 8/01-7/03.
  • Copley Networks --Consultant and writer for a business plan used to solicit from investors second-round financing for this maker of optical network systems. 1/01-3/01.
  • Multacom --Designer and writer of sales and marketing training for this tier-one Internet company. 7/00-1/01.
  • Toyota Web Projects --Writer and manager for projects including proposal development, marketing communications for the launch of the "Dealer Daily" Business-to-business private network, the University of Toyota Web site, corporate policies and procedures for domain names, and a lead delivery Web site. 10/99-5/00.
  • Pioneer Electronics --Write and design a number of training and employee communications pieces. 1995-1996.
  • GTE --Video scriptwriter for nine-segment video training series on data communications for GTE employees. 1994.
  • Original Vision --Writer and creative director of a print catalog and Web site for this retailer of books and software. 1995-1998.
  • Great Western Bank --Writer and instructional designer of interactive training to introduce service representatives to a new computer system. 1995.
  • Script Werx --Created and brought to market this software for scriptwriting, currently in use by thousands of writers including the writing staff at Saturday Night Live. 1992-present.
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